A bunch of losers.

Let me make something clear.  Just because no one expected the Billikens to be any good does not make this season any less of a disappointment.

The Billikens don’t have a lot of talent, maybe any talent.  The Billikens don’t have any depth.  They look inept on offense and pathetic on defense. These are all things we could have predicted and many actually did.  But I was promised a new attitude, a new culture, more excitement.

One thing is for certain: the Billikens are losers. They have loser players, with loser attitudes, and countless examples to back it up.  The losing culture established by Jim Crews is persistent and annoyingly prevalent.

For those who look for hope in the three transfers sitting at the end of the bench and the top recruits who have pledged their talents, just know that untested quality talent isn’t going to cut it.

Over the last ten years, ZERO teams have had three consecutive seasons with winning percentages under .35 followed by at least two consecutive seasons of moderate success (winning pct >.6).  I’m not saying it won’t happen, I’m just saying it hasn’t happened. Last night, when Kansas State was up by 400 points with under 8 minutes to go, I saw two of their JV guards dive for a lose ball while Jalen Johnson and Davell Roby looked at each other trying to assess blame. THAT is what needs to change; talent is not a catalyst.

Davell Roby simultaneously preaches about leadership to the media while showing none on the court.  A transfer from Harris Stowe unlikely to score a single point this year is the only one who appears to have any pride playing for a D1 basketball program. Our university president wears white new balances with cuffed khakis. The tuba song is played in the first five minutes and not the last five minutes. THAT is what needs to change.

This might be a losing season, but this isn’t a lost season.  Lost seasons are for programs of obscurity and teams defined by their own pitifulness, which can be more damning than a blowout loss to a superior opponent.

I’ll still watch, obviously. But I won’t be looking to see which players might be able to play a role next year.  I won’t be trying to determine which Jim Crews recruit will transfer to a more appropriate league.  I’ll be watching for the tubas.

Go bills.




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