And he will come again, in glory.

I’ve kind of forgotten how to do this. On top of that, there’s been so much that has happened since our last post that I don’t even know where to begin.

We hired Travis Ford. FOUR sophomores left the program. We added three transfers, an incoming freshman, and one of the best recruits in the region in Jordan Goodwin. There are zero coaches left from the Jim Crews era. And little did I know, the Billiken is actually an amphibious demon here to make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

I think for the most part, we’re just going to let those stories pass.  Any commentary we we have is mostly going to be worthlessly dated. Travis Ford was #3 on our “big board” so you can assume we like the hire.  Everything he’s done since he’s taken over as head coach has tickled me.  Those transfers can’t play for another year but I’ve heard they’re making our starters look like Brett Jolly. Wait.

Brett Jolly. Holy shit.


Travis Ford is the best thing to happen to this University since Pestello is forced to recall BINGA BINGA the Billiken in two weeks.

On top of getting rid of Jolly (ICYWW, Jolly moved to Arkansas-Fort Smith, D2), Travis Ford performed effing INCEPTION on one of the top 100 recruits in order to get him to commit to SLU:


In case you don’t have any interest in listening to the clip, Jordan Goodwin tells Randy Karraker that the ghost of a Billiken chased him in his dream.  He found himself at Chaifetz arena and knew that where he needed to be – I’m not making that up. That shit is lit.

Ghosty Billiken infiltrating dreams is NEXT LEVEL recruiting strategy.  Pitino can keep his strippers, we have GHOSTY BILLILKEN:


(Side note, I think it’s safe to say: If the Baby Koopa Billiken visited Goodwin, it’s likely that cat would have taken his talents elsewhere.)

One thing that particularly pissed me off about the interview: When asked what Ford did that was “special” or different from other coaches in the recruiting process, Goodwin answered (paraphrasing here): Nothing. But he was at every single one of my games.

Now, why does that piss me off?  You might remember that SAME explanation given by Jayson Tatum for his decision to commit to Duke last year (I KNOW THERE WERE OTHER REASONS, #1 BEING ITS DUKE, STFU).  Arby’s Representative, Jim Crews, decided to coerce Tatum by inviting him to a Billiken Roast over Winter Break, when the student section was empty and you could hear, word for word, the obscenities coming from 208. What a dream environment.

Travis Ford is an absolute workaholic. Unfortunately, we may have another year before we get to see some of the fruits of his labor.  My only request is that he spends about as much time at Webster Groves as he does trying to convince Agbeko that travelling is, in fact, still in the rule book.

Go Bills.



Housekeeping Items

Welcome to the new site, we’ve gotten rid of all the noise that existed previously (ie. recent scores, STLToday news feed) and put the focus on our unusually below-average content.  It’s likely you never clicked that crap anyway.

Last year it was easy to get burnt out writing about how garbage our team was and it’s possible that it won’t be any different this year.  But, I can tell you that I’m heading into this season that I’m as amped as I’ve been in a couple of years. If nothing else, I think I have realistic expectations.

Speaking of, I think I’m going to try and do some prediction posts this year as well.  We’re getting away from the Weekly Rant format so we don’t have wait for each other to post content. Don’t worry, they’ll be plenty of passive aggressive bickering between our posts.



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