And…..I’m out.

Well, that didn’t last very long.

But I’m a new man these days, ya know? I’m Mr. Optimist. I can look past the 37 total points, 12.5% 3 pt shooting, being out-rebounded by 20, 10 blocked shots, and the fact that our leading scorer had SIX points.

Yea…I can look past that and see the good things that happened in this game.  Did you see Jim Crew’s white shoes? Those were fun. There was that one time Aaron Hines made a layup he wasn’t supposed to make? That was also nice. And you know how you thought that Mike Crawford would finish 1-9 from behind the arc? He didn’t! He went 1-8 and proved all you nay-say’ers wrong.

And guess what! By the end of the game, Dayton fans couldn’t even be found in the stadium! Those money-wastin’ idiots bought tickets and didn’t even watch the whole game! HA!

Those morons…


Go Bills?



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