What Jim Crews got for Christmas

Jimmy boy received quite the haul this year. Below is a list of some of the more notable items.

  • The complete set of Twilight books on tape (Jim is a big team Jacob guy, but not too much of a reader)
  • Superman onesie with a butt flap
  • 7 weeks of golf lessons (these will come in handy next year when he has a lot of newly acquired free time)
  • $25 dollars in gift cards to Golden Corral
  • Two sets of limited edition batman vs superman action figures (one to play with and one to keep in the original packaging)
  • A LOT of Hot Pockets
  • A book called Attacking the Zone Defense for Dummies¬†(this was immediately thrown in the trash)
  • A CD collection of Limp Bizkit’s Greatest Hits entitled “This Durst’s for You”
  • Seasons 1-4 of CSI: Miami (you know, before they got shitty)
  • A “Women of the WNBA” 2016 Calendar
  • An ‘I’m with stupid’ t-shirt (Jim wears this under his suits, and stands next to officials. laughs uncontrollably)
  • A shake-weight
  • A signed picture of Coach Bobby Knight enscribed “To my favorite assistant coach. Keep up the great work!”. However the handwriting looked suspiciously similar to his mother’s…hmm.

I hope everyone’s Christmas was as bountiful as our fearless leader’s. Go Bills!


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