It’s time to save the program

We are so terrible.

I don’t even know what to write anymore. Same shit, different day. I started this blog with the intention to poke fun at Billiken basketball and dish out my asinine opinions, if only for the audience of me.

It was supposed to be somewhat therapeutic and give me something to do now that I refuse to watch hockey.

I even planned on writing an assessment of the junior class after I wrote my article on our sophomores. I drew up the graphic and everything. It’s still sitting in draft because I can’t provide any content that might interest anyone. We suck. You know that. I know that.

The seniors suck, the juniors suck, the sophomores suck, the freshman suck, the coaching sucks, the new billiken sucks. What’s the point?

My beloved Billikens, 2 years removed from NCAA tournament fame, have hit arguably the lowest point in program history and it’s goddamn infuriating. What’s worse is how easily identifiable the problem is: Our coach can’t identify talent, he can’t cultivate talent, and he can’t work with players who don’t have talent. It’s time to grow a pair and move on.

Please, for the sake of all your fans. For the sake of the program, for all the season ticket holders, for the students who no longer show up to games even when you give them free pizza: Fire Jim Crews.

Don’t wait until after the season. Don’t let him announce an early retirement. Get rid of him now.

Let me know, as a season ticket holder who shows up on a Wednesday nights for a most certain loss, that you give a shit. Send a message to your students, your alumni, the conference, the players, that you respect this program as much as we do.

I had a goal to attend every home game this year. I didn’t even watch the last three games. I totally forgot about the K-State game last night and went and saw Star Wars for a second time.  I could argue that I didn’t miss a thing.

This isn’t throwing in the towel, no one blames you for giving the coaching job to someone who took a heartbroken program to its highest ranking in program history. But we messed up and misjudged. It’s time to move on.

As each day passes, we remove ourselves further and further from relevance. We move closer to becoming a coaching graveyard than a coaching destination. Closer to a second hand shop than the jewel of midtown we claim to be. It’s time to save the program by starting over. It’s inexcusable that our fans think the worst is yet to come.

Go Bills.






One comment

  1. Robert · March 31, 2016

    This guy refused to play his best player. It was like he did not care if he got fired. What a terrible coach.


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