Where do we go from here?

If anyone has an interest to hear what our thoughts are on the Wichita State game, go read any posts we’ve written that calls Crews out for being an inbred – that should sum it up pretty clearly.

There’s a lot of chatter up in the nosebleeds of Chaifetz around the firing of Jim Crews. Good. I’m glad. But unless someone can provide proof that Jim Crews is spending his recruiting budget on his daily Arby’s Bacon Beef and Cheddar (it’s obviously not going towards recruiting), we’re stuck with him for the season.

Assuming Jim Crews get’s canned at the end of our inevitable 7-25 season, who are our potential head coaching candidates? Well I did about 11 minutes of research and came up with some potential  targets. Please keep in mind I still don’t know anything about basketball and I know even less about contracts.


Mitch Henderson – Princeton ( 78-47; 62.4%)

You know what’s fantastic about Princeton’s team this year? They have the fewest turnovers in college basketball and a top 50 offense. Could you even imagine?  Mitch Henderson was an assistant coach at Northwestern University for 11 years before getting the reins at Princeton in 2011. Since, he’s done nothing but improve the Tigers’ mediocre basketball program. He may only have 1 NCAA appearance and 1 CIB appearance under his belt, but Princeton isn’t the type of school to pour all of their money into athletics. He’s smart, understands the modern game, and has a history of taking 2-3 star recruits and turning them into a cohesive unit. So, does he want to leave Princeton? I have no idea, probably not, he’s a graduate of the Ivy League school himself so he might already have his dream gig.  God damnit.


Andy Toole – Robert Morris University (110-67; 62.1%)

This guy would be my first choice if it weren’t for the trash they’ve put on the court this year (1-7), but I’m pretty sure everyone agrees that this guy is an up-and-comer based on his success the last couple of years. In his 5 years with the Colonials, Toole has taken RMU to two NIT tournaments and it’s first NCAA tournament win since 1983. However, he’s already turned down an A10 coaching offer… Fordham tried to pry Toole away from RMU this past year and he told them to shove it. Fordham didn’t have any luck, but could SLU be the mid-tier program he’s looking for? Toole has gone on the record stating he wants to be strategic about his next move. He doesn’t want to be 37 and out of a college basketball because he made a poor decision about his next destination (he said this three years ago). Toole makes a little over $210,000 this year so he could be a relatively cheap option for the Billikens. Let’s see how they handle the garbage start they’ve put together and revisit this later on.



Rick Byrd – Belmont University (623-314; 66.5%)

Is it possible? Could SLU be able to nab Rick Byrd from Belmont? Byrd’s been at Belmont as their head coach since before I was born, seriously. He’s guided them through a successful transition from NAIA to NCAA and has taken Belmont to 7 NCAA tournament appearances.  This year Belmont ranks first in 2P field goal percentage and 9th in total points. LOOK! AN OFFENSE.  Belmont is an unreal 167-38 (81.5%) in conference play in the last 10 years. They’re also only one of six programs (Duke, Florida, Syracuse, VCU, and Wichita State) to post a 26 win season since 2011. That’s good company.

Downside? He’s 62 years old and makes $709,101/year. His tenure at Belmont is only matched by three other NCAA D1 coaches and he’s rightfully earned his place in Belmont’s Hall of Fame. He’s probably going to do this gig for a bit longer and then go party in the Keys. Godddddd damnit.


Calbert Cheaney/Tanner Bronson – Saint Louis University (N/A)

I don’t love the idea of handing our program to either of these two guys, but I figured I would throw it out there anyway.

Cheaney had an excellent pro career and even worked as a special assistant to the Golden State Warriors after his playing days. Cheaney left his gig as the Director of Basketball Operations at Indiana to join Jim Crews’ coaching staff in 2011, which begs the question…what the hell is wrong with this guy? It was rumored that Cheaney even passed up an opportunity to head back to Indiana as an assistant in 2014 but turned it down. How can one guy have so much quality experience and still be on SLU’s sidelines? I can’t quite figure him out but one thing is for sure –  I don’t trust giving full control over our basketball program to a guy who can’t figure out his suit jacket is 8 sizes too big.

Tanner Bronson – No. Bronson was a graduate assistant  promoted to assistant coach by Rick Majerus a few years back (maybe 2011). I’m pretty sure Rick did this as charity -you see, Majerus didn’t need assistant coaches because he could coach a sandwich to play defense (he could, but he never would – Rick didn’t need an additional obstacle between him and a cold cut). I admittedly don’t know a thing about Tanner Bronson or his basketball knowledge but I know he is not the next Brad Stevens so….no.

And lastly…


Literally Anyone Else

Start the interview with the following question:

“Do you know who Jim Crews is?”

If any candidate answers “Yes,” immediately toss their resume in the garbage bin with Crews’ Arby’s wrappers.

But seriously, can SLU not go to one of the top 10 programs and poach an assistant coach? What about Nate James from Duke? Kenny Payne from Kentucky? Kurtis Townsend from Kansas? I may be shoving my lack of basketball knowledge down your gullet, but why not throw a ton of money at these guys and see if they want to give it a go? Most of these guys are extremely well connected in recruiting circles already. And if they only understand 4% of the coaching philosophies of Coach K, Calipari, or Self (these are just examples), then thats 100% better than Crews sucking an egg on the sidelines.

Obviously this is pure speculation because Jim Crews is not fired and he is currently the head coach of the Saint Louis Billikens.

In other news, my life is in shambles.


Go Bills.




  1. PTB · December 8, 2015

    If you ever write a bad word about Calbert again I promise there will be hell to pay


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