Jim Crews and the never-ending quest to ruin my night.


Oh, Jimmy. You shouldn’t have. You’re so sweet! Only you could take such an expected loss and put it into such a personalized package for me.

I really do admire your innate ability to neglect coaching and systematically ruin any chance of an upset.

I know, I know.. “Kevin, you literally just blogged about how SLU had no chance to beat Louisville. How could you possible rant about Louisville beating SLU?”

Shut up! Let me rant.


By some miracle, the Billikens were leading 34-31 with 16:10 left in the second half. WOOOOOOOOO! GO BILLS!!!!! I couldn’t believe we had stifled the second half push by Louisville. ESPECIALLY after Pitino most certainly chewed out his players, reminding them they’re playing a team that consistently recruits Canadians.

Then it happened.


SLU got outscored 23-46 the remainder of the game.  My favorite stat of the game? SLU did not call a single time-outHey Jim, ya think at some point ya might want to call a time-out, like,  when your opponent goes on a 17-4 run? Ya know? Figure some shit out? 

I’m literally watching the live action Sponge-Bob movie AND BLOGGING at 12:51 AM on a Saturday night and I find you the more pathetic member of society.

Am I allowed to blame Jim Crews for Ash and Miles’ poor performance?

As Henry Rosenbagger would say, “You betchya Sally Baby!”

Ash Yacoubou and Miles Reynolds are the highlights of our season at this point. So it makes SO MUCH sense that those two would log 15 minutes less than their season average (combined stat, sarcasm implied). I’ll admit that Ash didn’t seem to show any aggression or scoring mentality tonight (I believe Chris is going to address this in another article, so I’ll leave it at that), but what was Miles doing riding the bench? We had their best point guard and big man in foul trouble, and we removed the only person on our team with any ability to drive and get to the free throw line? Reynolds averages over 1 free throw attempt per shot taken. That’s an awesome stat. It essentially means he’s getting to the foul line every other field goal attempt.

So…let’s take the one advantage we have in this game, FT% and getting to the line, and try to eliminate it from the game. Niiiiice.

Also, since we’re playing a team that has been dominating the boards, let’s also make sure we limit the time of the guy (Agbeko) who is coming off his finest performance of the year in rebounding and scoring (sarcasm still implied).

Austin Gillman, our 6’10 center, ranks 6th on the team with 9 total rebounds through the first five games, ranking below three SLU guards. Louisville out-rebounded SLU 36-14 and Gillman finished with 0 rebounds, 2 turnovers, 3 fouls, and 0 pts.

Another thing…


Yes, yes he did. Did you not notice? Although Jolly logged only two minutes of action, he was still able to accomplish all of the following:

  • Committed an off the ball foul
  • Turned the ball over (separate than the foul)




“We’re going to use try and use their athleticism against them” – Jim Crews at half-time.

Wait. Wat? Use their athleticism against them?

  1. That’s not a thing.
  2. As expected, that did not work.

GOD DAMNIT, JIM. You’re family tree must be a circle.

Go Bills.



This is the part of the article where I come in and half-heartedly defend dumb things Jim Crews has done in an attempt for our blog to maintain a sliver of professionalism. It’s going to be very difficult this week. I absolutely will not try to give reasons why our best rebounder sat on the bench as we got demolished on the boards in the first half. I also won’t pretend to understand why the only player who consistently attacks the rim rode the pine while Louisville’s best interior defender was sitting due to foul trouble.

However, I will say this about the whole timeout thing: Jim Crews (as all his supporters are so eager to tell you) comes from the Robert E. Knight school of coaching. Bobby was also criticized for hoarding timeouts. When pressed on this issue, Coach Knight would fire off obscenities at whatever reporter was brazen enough to question his methods. After that bout of rage had subsided, he also spoke of how he believed allowing his team to battle through adversity would pay off later in the season, giving his players valuable experience to draw from.

Now, when in doubt, it’s usually a good idea to just do whatever the hell Bobby Knight did. Also  when your offense has three straight turnovers, and apparently hasn’t noticed the other team has switched to a zone for the last 5 minutes, perhaps a quick break is in order….






  1. Frederick · November 30, 2015

    Great blog, and definitely flustered by some of Crews coaching miscues last night. Team had done a good job until then so he should get most of the credit for the success, but should get the criticism as well. Was taken aback when I first heard of the offensive adjustments the team had made prior to the game. Nothing wrong with adjustment but shouldn’t adjustment be implemented when you have tried what you have used all season, and it wasn’t working? Rather then to open up the game, and then barely play a guy coming off his best game of the season (Agbeko), and sit for a long stretch for no logical reason. Most of players felt offensive scheme was major reason for the loss. Lastly, most ridiculous part was after barely playing Agbeko, and then sending him back into the game with a couple minutes left in the game and Louisville up 15, Agbeko shot an elbow jumper when the defender backed off him, and Crews lost it and sent Bishop into the game for Agbeko. This however doesn’t end there, Crews goes after Agbeko in the locker room saying open or not, he is not to shoot any jumpers or he will not be on the court. Wonder how that allows a motion offense to work effectively, and how that might affect a player’s effectiveness offensively? Neufeld, has the corkscrew 3 pointer and has the green light……


    • Bob · November 30, 2015

      That’s pretty close to what I heard from several players last night. Players wanted to use what had been working from the start and Agbeko incident is accurate as well. But I hear he shoots it pretty well in drills, so don’t know what issue is.


      • Billikev · November 30, 2015

        Sounds like you guys have some type of inside source….

        Jolly, are you impersonating people on the internet again?


  2. Bob · December 3, 2015

    To those with their heads in the sand, the players do not like Jimmy Crews. They stayed for each other and play for each other. NO Player Trusts Him. Expected the Morehead State loss. Very sad state of SLU ball.


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