Hi I’m Chris, and I’m a Bills fan…

Hi my name is Chris, and I’m a Billikens fan.

I’d like to treat this blog as a mix between a counseling session and an alcoholics’ anonymous meeting. You see, I have a disease, and I need your help to get healthy. That disease (in case you were curious) is called hope. Each year since the Rick Majerus era has ended I watch early Bills games against local D2 programs and obscure directional schools, and I convince myself that absurd goals like having a big man who takes less 3-pt shots than our shooting guard, or shooting more than 60% from the free-throw line are actually attainable. I once watched a game against a particularly robust Indiana A&T team, and left Chaifetz convinced that then sophomore Reggie Agbeko was primed for a breakout season. He promptly went on to accumulate more traveling calls than points through the first couple weeks of the season and became very good friends with the student-interns at the end of the bench for the rest of the winter. Last year I attended the white vs blue scrimmage game in October. Without seeing a minute of actual in-game action I had decided that Malik Yarborough was the next Paul Pierce. (for the record I’m only like 75% sure that won’t happen at this point)

So now you know, as I mentioned above, I have an illness. All that unfounded hope sets me up for quite the fall each year when A-10 play rolls around and our stud Villanova transfer turns out to be a nice player off the bench on an actual tournament team. (Ash looks pretty good so far this year though, right….) I write this because I need your help to get over my propensity to hope. I ask only one thing. Please listen to me bitch about Billikens basketball. When Austin Gillman goes 1 for 9 from behind the arch, listen to me call him a pussy. When Malik gets denied at the rim by the other team’s point guard, please help me understand that the two moves he pulled off before that to get a look in the paint were nothing more than 5 seconds of my life I will never get back. Comment on my articles. Tell me I’m dumb and unrealistic. Be my basketball psychiatrist.

In return for the free counseling I’ll be receiving, I will try to provide insightful or funny content in this space weekly. Thanks in advance. Looking forward to the season.


One comment

  1. Billikev · November 23, 2015

    “Pussy” count = 1

    You showed great restraint in your first post


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